guide photo of idpapa

1. How to take a scannable card photo?

Before you submit your photo, please make sure you read the instructions from us.

2. How to make scannable card photos at home?

Please do not use selfies photo with a smile and pose, Moreover, there are strict rules for cards photos. If photos are as per the rules then only they will be accepted otherwise not. Also, the online facility of filling an application form eases the tedious process of taking photo prints.

3. Essentials for taking card photos and passport photos:

Please use your most updated photo on the scannable cards to ensure you're using a successful rate.

Make sure your novelty card photo is high resolution and do not provide blurry images, too dark or light photos with no good background will make your scannable card photos rejected. Now, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have a good camera, or waste money at a professional photo shoot. Here is a video on how to take your customized card photos at home.

4.How to take a good novelty card& Passport photo?

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