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Pennsylvania Scannable IDs Card

If you are in need of a Scannable Pennsylvania IDs card or driver’s license, we have got you covered. Our novelty cards perfectly replicate the current design of IDs card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles.

Pennsylvania’s licensing terms depend on the age of the driver. Generally, those under 65 years old have a 4-year IDs card, while those 65 and older may have a 2 or 4-year IDs card. Expiration occurs on the day after the driver’s birthday.

The identification number on the IDs card consists of 8 digits, spaced 2-3-3 and is not coded. The current design includes a ghost image and a location number overlapping the photo. The laminate features optically variable patterns of the state motto “VIRTUE LIBERTY INDEPENDENCE” and micro printing. The front of the IDs card includes a laser-perforated keystone outline with the script “PA” inside, as well as non-outline keystone shapes in UV ink.

Our Scannable Pennsylvania IDs card are scannable and come in rigid plastic cards. The current design features both 1D and 2D barcodes on the back, while prior designs may have a magnetic stripe. The IDs card may even show a non-PA address. Trust us to provide you with a realistic,reliable, and legit Scannable IDs.

Addition Information About Pennsylvania

Looking to party and indulge in some drinking in Pennsylvania, but not yet 21? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Scannable ID.

Pennsylvania is a state that has a lot to offer to those looking for a good time. From vast forests to world-renowned chocolate factories, there’s something for everyone here. But if you’re looking to enjoy some adult beverages, you’ll be happy to know that Pennsylvania ranks among the top 20 states for drinking. About 18.1% of adults in the state drink excessively, just slightly above the national average of 18%.

When it comes to cities in Pennsylvania, some are definitely more geared towards the drinking scene than others. With a city like Philadelphia, it’s hard not to imagine a row of pubs, bars, and dives on every street.

Pennsylvania’s drinking culture may seem basic to some, with many cities in the state full of beer and shot bars catering to those who just want to get wasted. But don’t let that fool you, there’s plenty of variety to be found in the state’s favorite drink choices, which include vodka and whiskey. You can find everything from your classic hard whiskey to more unique options like Fireball. So grab your Scannable ID and get ready to experience all that Pennsylvania’s drinking scene has to offer.

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