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Kansas Scannable IDs Card

Introducing the latest addition to our Scannable ID  - the new Kansas scannable license! This Kansas Scannable IDs features a flexible plastic Teslin card with a 1D and 2D barcode on the back. To ensure authenticity, the license must have a Kansas address and not an out-of-state address.

Our skilled printing team uses Teslin with PET lamination to create a texture and feel that closely mimics the genuine article. The Kansas novelty IDs card has a total thickness of 21mil, just like the real license.

For your convenience, this Scannable Kansas ID has a 6-year expiration date, matching that of currently issued Kansas licenses. Don't miss out on these top-of-the-line Scannable Kanas IDs that is sure to pass any scrutiny!

The new Kansas Scannable ID is made of flexible Teslin plastic with PET lamination, which gives it the same texture and thickness as the real license. It has a ghost image with overlapping laser perforations in the shape of a turtle, as well as a three-color OVD hologram on the front spelling out "KANSAS." 

Other security features include UV printing of a skyline, flower, and rope, a UV printed date of birth on the back, and raised text for the date of birth by the ghost image. The driver's license number is 8 digits, starting with the letter K, and the license has a six-year expiration date for originally issued licenses.

Addition informaiton about Kansas

Kansas may be a small state, but it has a lot to offer. With a high percentage of adults drinking regularly and a strong drinking culture, Kansas is home to many bars, breweries, and casinos. Despite its history of prohibition, Kansas has made great strides in alcohol consumption and has become an integral part of its culture. However, there are still strict laws governing alcohol sales and consumption, including limited hours for purchasing alcohol and a ban on open containers in public spaces.

Alcohol Culture in Kansas:

In Kansas, as with many of the states in the central region of the United States, there are not always a lot of options for entertainment, leading to a prevalent drinking culture. According to statistics, 62% of adults in Kansas drink regularly, with 28% engaging in binge drinking. The state is home to the Kansas Speedway and many of its residents embrace the stereotype of being Nascar-watching, binge-drinking Americans. Additionally, Kansas has a number of casinos that are popular among its residents.

History of Alcohol in Kansas:

Kansas has a unique history with alcohol, as it has largely operated independently from federal regulations. The state has yet to ratify the 21st Amendment, which repealed prohibition, even though nearly a century has passed since its creation. Kansas implemented its own version of prohibition four decades before the national ban, and despite popular support for the measure, many bars and breweries continued to operate. Prohibition was largely a fa├žade in many parts of the state, and even law enforcement officers often ignored it. Kansas remained dry for four years after the repeal of national prohibition, making it the last state to enforce the ban. Even after the repeal, liquor was not permitted in bars and could only be consumed at home. Despite its complicated history with alcohol, Kansas has embraced it as a key part of its culture and lifestyle.

Here are some recommendations for bars to visit and bars to avoid in Kansas:

  • Bars to visit: The Legendary Boobie Trap Bar: This bar offers a wide selection of great drinks, including craft beers and cocktails. While it may be a bit pricey, the experience is well worth it.

  • Gayle's: This bar has a fun, old-school biker vibe and features fantastic live music. The decor is also a highlight, and the drinks and service are excellent.

Bars to avoid:
  • Ryan's Pub: Despite its Irish decor and fancy food, the service at this bar is overpriced and not worth the cost. While they do offer some nice drinks, it's better to avoid this spot.

  • Wild Horse Saloon: This crowded nightclub has subpar DJs and can quickly become overwhelming. You won't be missing out by skipping this one.

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