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Arizona Scannable IDs Card

The latest Arizona scannable IDs replicates the current official license, which is a digitally printed credit card-style ID with optically variable shifting ink. The back of the ID features a magnetic stripe and 2D/1D barcodes for scanning purposes. 

To ensure authenticity, the scannable Arizona scannable IDs card is printed on high-quality Teslin material and fused with PET lamination. The ID's validity lasts for eight years from the issuance date if it has the REAL ID star.

The Arizona scannable IDs driver'smicro printing boasts several security features, including a ghost image with overlapping laser perforations in the shape of Arizona, tactile DOB, microprinting, and an OVD state seal "Arizona" with the state outline. The driver license number starts with one letter followed by eight digits.

Moreover, the ID's backside contains a UV ghost image, an encoded magnetic strip, and a properly coded barcode, making it challenging to detect the scannable Arizona IDs.

Additional Information About Arizona

Are you worried about missing out on the nightlife in your city? Don't worry, whether it's Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere in between, we offer safe and secure Arizona scannable IDs that will allow you to dive right into the nightlife without any concerns. It's no secret that the nightlife culture in America involves enjoying a few drinks. While it may be risky to use a novelty IDs card to order drinks, you may be surprised at how little some cashiers and bartenders care about checking every IDs card, especially with the volume they handle.

Arizona Laws

When drinking in Arizona, there are laws you should know, even if you're using a novelty card. Firstly, you should consider that in Arizona, last call is at 2 AM, as it is in many other US states. So, plan your night accordingly if you don't want to be left dry with only a buzz. Grocery stores cannot sell alcohol between 2 AM and 6 AM, or 2 AM and 10 AM on Sundays.

History of Alcohol in Arizona

Just three years after Arizona became a state, Prohibition was enacted across the United States. However, this did not stop Arizona residents from drinking. They were one of the pioneers of moonshine and even created special bells or alarms to warn bootleggers of authorities' arrival. Despite a rocky start, Arizona has truly bounced back from its dark beginnings.

Arizona Night life

Arizona has been known for its heavy drinkers, as there isn't much to do in the desert besides getting messed up. If you're in Arizona, chances are you've been to Phoenix. If you haven't, you should plan to go there, as the nightlife in Phoenix is remarkable and worth the trip.

If you choose to visit Phoenix, we have some recommendations for you to put your new Arizon scannable IDs card to work and make some memorable nights.

  • Bar Smith

Bar Smith is a nightclub that is guaranteed to create a night to remember. They have a full nightclub on the first floor and an exquisite rooftop bar that overlooks beautiful downtown Phoenix. However, don't expect to have a relaxed night here, as it lives up to its name as a nightclub.

The Casual Pint

If you're looking for something more laidback, The Casual Pint is the place to go. It offers a more relaxed environment with high-quality drinks, making it a great spot to visit. Note that it can get noisy on busy nights and especially on weekends.

Places to Avoid:
  • Hanny's

Although popular and upscale, this high-class place is likely to take extra care in checking scannable IDs. While it offers many great drinks, it isn't worth your time and should be avoided.

  • Undertow

While offering great drinks and atmosphere, they run their establishment by the book and should be respected as such. It's best to stay away from here, especially if you look younger.

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