Employment Authorization Card

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Employment Authorization 

Scannable IDs Card

What is Employment Authorization Cards:

Employers are required to verify your eligibility to work to comply with the law and avoid penalties. During job interviews, employers often ask, "Do you have legal authorization to work in the United States?"

Employment Authorization Card A-Number:

Employment Authorization Card have Foreign National ID (A-Number): The cardholder's Foreign National ID (A-Number), also known as the USCIS Number or Alien Registration Number, is typically printed on the card. This is a unique identifier assigned by USCIS to non-citizens. 

About Employment Authorization Card Usage:

The Employment Authorization Card is more than just a piece of plastic; it’s a vital gateway to numerous career opportunities in the United States. Without it, many find themselves sidelined, unable to work legally, and missing out on their professional aspirations.


Having an Employment Authorization Card means you can legally apply for jobs, earn fair wages, and enjoy workplace protections, opening doors to various industries and career paths. Obtaining this card can enter the workforce quickly.

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