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Alabama Scannable IDs Card

Alabama ID Features:

  • Teslin – Card stock is the exact same material a real-issued driver's license is printed on.
  • Optical Variable Ink – Moving the card left to right or front to back the ink changes color.
  • Microprint – Miniature text viewed best under magnification.
  • Ultra Violet Ink – Identical to the real issued UV design can be seen under the black light on the front of the card.
  • Scannable Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode – We encode correctly with your data, so your card will 100% scan on any capable license reader.

About Alabama NightLife:

Alabama's Drinking Culture: Despite its rich history of drinking culture, Alabama ranks among the bottom 5 states for heavy drinking, with only 13% of adults admitting to excessive alcohol consumption. Auburn-Opelika stands out with 18% of its population acknowledging heavy drinking tendencies.

While the state may not have the highest drinking statistics, it compensates with a vibrant social drinking culture. Beer is a popular choice, but the state-famous Alabama Slammer, with its tangy and fruity taste, perfectly embodies the sweet Southern vibes.

In terms of finding bars where IDs may be used, The Garage Café in Birmingham and Below the Radar in Huntsville are known for their relaxed atmospheres and lenient carding policies. However, some bars, such as The Collins Bar in Birmingham and Cahaba Brewing Company, strictly enforce ID checks, making it challenging to pass off counterfeit IDs.

Drinking laws in Alabama are standard, with the legal drinking age set at 21. IDs are taken seriously, and creating, owning, or using one can result in felony charges throughout the state. Notably, in Auburn, simply possessing an ID is considered a misdemeanor, while creating or using one is still a felony.

To fully experience Alabama's drinking scene, it may require the use of an ID, but caution must be exercised to navigate establishments with stricter carding polices.

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