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South Carolina Scannable IDs Card

South Carolina issues both state ID and driver's licenses with a term of 8 years, except for CDLs and ID cards which have a term of 5 years.  The cards have a 9-digit number that is unspaced and uncoded.  The current design of the South Carolina license features a ghost image and a laser-perforated palmetto and moon. 

 It also includes the State Capitol, Real ID, and "THE PALMETTO STATE" in a hologram, along with OVDs of "SOUTH CAROLINA," "PALMETTO," and the state map.  UV spiral lines and fine microprinting add additional security features.  The back of the card has a palmetto, crescent moon, and "SC."  The cards have a security overlay and a 1D code followed by a 2D code with proper digitization and lamination on the back.  It is important to note that the card must show a South Carolina address.

Addition Information about South Carolina 

South Carolina may not be known for much, but its drinking scene is a redeeming factor. Despite ranking low on the list of drinking states in the US, South Carolina offers a tightknit and strong party scene, and with the help of Scannable IDs, you can enjoy it all without worrying about being under 21.

When it comes to drinking culture in South Carolina, it is pretty conservative. However, there is always a good beer or two to be found. With the hot summers, cool and refreshing drinks are the norm, from spiked teas to ice-cold beers and even moonshine in some cases.

To get into bars in South Carolina, you need to prove that you belong there. But, there are some places where you can get by with Scannable IDs. The Icehouse in Summerville and Pool Bar Jim's in Hilton Head are two such places where ID checks are basic enough to get away with.

So, while South Carolina may not be the most exciting state, it still has something to offer in terms of drinking and partying. With the right Scannable IDs, you can enjoy it all without any worries.

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